Pinterest is an American social media and mobile application company founded in December of 2009. It offers its users the opportunity to share and discover information and ideas of just about anything through images, GIFs, and short videos. The success of Pinterest has reached 300 million active monthly users as of August 2019 and it reaches a wide audience as it is available in more than 27 languages. It is one of the biggest resources for hundreds of brands online and a great way to market within and industry and niche. However, despite its popularity and its aim to share ideas, some institutions and regions block the service. 

Blocks can be due to educational reasons and other many factors. The use of proxies for Pinterest allows accessing Pinterest when it is totally or partially blocked.  If you are somewhere Pinterest is not accessible, then a proxy Pinterest must be required for you to access it.

Marketing Through Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the largest virtual social networks that allow users to share photos, videos, infographics, and other related content. Its site traffic is increasing day by day. Most of the people use it as a box for new ideas. Its organized pattern allows users to organize files and share “pins” (publications) according to specific interests, topics or hobbies, and other several more reasons. 

In addition, its name describes itself – “pin” which relates to something being posted – on a board or any similar material and “interest” as it lets users post their interest virtually by just pinning it through Pinterest. Moreover, organizers of Pinterest digitized a visual wall where users can hangout photos with a pin.

People Are So Willing To Invest On Pinterest

Pinterest facilitates its users to build up their concepts according to their interests unlike most social media sites which just helps users in enhancing their personal connections. In this way, users prefer to engage with Pinterest to boost up their businesses. Pinterest is the best-known platform for small as well as large online business setups. With time, Pinterest is becoming more popular among the different brands. To quote Alasdhair Willis – “Pinterest is where we see the highly engaged users who’s actively searching for inspiration to purchase from hunter”.

Automating Your Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

Pinterest proxy software provides users with the benefits of automation of their Pinterest marketing. This ensures the users that they get the marketing activities done with less hassle. It is a time-saving technique that pushes the products to get promoted with ease. One pin can lead to ten other pins and that ten can further lead to a hundred more. It is generally considered that Pinterest is common only among females, and that is absolutely wrong. 

Its popularity spreads regardless of gender and generations. This software is flexible in nature; it allows all types of businesses to leap up. Pinterest is neither a pure media channel, nor a pure utility. It’s a media-rich utility that fulfills both emotional and functional needs by solving widespread costumer’s problems that remain unaddressed by any other media platforms.

Examples of Pinterest Management Software

Pinterest offers a variety of software that performs different functions. One of that is Triguna which is a web designing and app development software quite famous for its functionalities. Others are Pinterest scheduling software that focuses on working on internet marketing which is used as automation tools for spreading up a user’s post. These automation tools can save a lot of time for the users. Users are recommended to use these tools. 

A user put so much time to create content or products. These automation tools ensure the spread of that content. Meanwhile, it also ensures consistency of that spread. Some other notable tools include – Tailwind, PinGroupie, Buffer, and ViralTag.

Functionalities of Pinterest Software

Pinterest is being used and accessed all over the world but it is restricted by some institutions like schools, colleges, and other related establishments. In this way, Pinterest proxies provides an alternative way for users to access to Pinterest. Proxy for Pinterest allows users to access Pinteres on an alternate server, masking their original IP addresses. Social media accounts of users additionally have some sensitive information. For this reason, the use of proxy for Pinterest is also vital. 

Why Are Quality Pinterest Proxy Needed To Manage Pinterest Accounts

A large business needs more than one social media account, one account for each product. However, some social media site does not allow users with more than one account. The use of Pinterest proxy would be the best solution for such limitation as it provides access to users and enables them to have multiple accounts. Another reason for using a quality proxy is the protections of sensitive information on social accounts. So it is quite essential to use quality proxy for the security of social accounts either being used by a company or an individual.

Choosing Between a Free Pinterest Proxy and a Paid Pinterest Proxy

Free Pinterest Proxy

One of the huge mistakes people make is when they use a free public proxy for their social media accounts. Social media networks are a huge setup of networks and are being controlled by several operators who are continuously working for the security of the network. They are highly alert of scams and other suspicious activities. Social media networks can track a user’s IP address and the chances of being banned are high. 

Most of these free proxies are controlled by scammers who can steal user’s personal information. Financial details of users can be at risk in this way. Moreover, free proxies are very slow to be used. 

Paid Pinterest Proxy

The use of a paid proxy can get rid of all the above-mentioned problems. It ensures the security of social media accounts as well as enhances the speed to operate servers. A paid proxy Pinterest is reliable to use. In addition, it provides an extra layer of protection to the accounts. 

When user’s pay for the proxy service, they are actually paying for protection and that is through masking their IP address. That is why customers are recommended not to trust free proxies. The best option for them to use a paid Pinterest proxy.