LinkedIn is an American based social media company. Established on December 28, 2002 it was officially launched to the public on May 5, 2003. It is a platform for professionals that provides business opportunities and employment through websites and mobile app services. LinkedIn primarily focuses on professionals as they let users post their CVs for job opportunities while others seek for the right people for the job offer. Despite its business-only approach, LinkedIn isn’t entirely accessible around the world. 

The good thing is that there are different LinkedIn proxy servers that one can use for accessing the service whenever and wherever. These LinkedIn proxy servers help in solving such issues with geo-blocking. Although it is very easy to access LinkedIn by using a LinkedIn proxy, the user still needs to be efficient and active in order to maintain his profile. According to a report in June of 2019, LinkedIn has 630 million registered members across 150 countries.

LinkedIn’s Enormous Growth

LinkedIn has grown to such an enormous size as it has one specific focus area that many other social media platforms do not really focus that much on – professionals and the business sector. Despite the number of connections, the type of connections is more important for LinkedIn. Additionally, the quality of accounts is more important to LinkedIn rather than the number of accounts. LinkedIn server site stops giving the actual number of connections when an account achieves more than five hundred connections. It works on the principle of “Six degrees of separation” in searching for suggested known connections. 

It has grown faster because of the following works as building partnerships and acquiring resources, finding freelance, work, or client. In addition, LinkedIn is ideal in building connections for customer base projects, freelance work, and potential partners and keep open the job prospects for all the members. It is a platform for jobs and capital of the market, and it plays the role of a digital marketing platform.

Importance of LinkedIn to a Business

LinkedIn plays an important role in digital marketing as it provides a platform for businessmen and workers. Therefore, there are many skills that can be searched out easily through LinkedIn. However, it is a job-generating service as well through its users posting different opportunities. Individuals can post content regarding a certain business, perform lead generation, and offer jobs. 

Because of this, many companies prefer to choose LinkedIn to get quality human resource. A trustable platform where trustable members are frequently available.

Why We Should Use Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

People with more skills want to hold more than one account. For that reason, more and more LinkedIn accounts are opened in every second. These job-seeking individuals would like to make sure that they are not missing any opportunities. Thus creating multiple LinkedIn accounts. 

Furthermore, LinkedIn accounts are easily accessed through a simple web browser.  Some also use LinkedIn proxy to access their accounts. The reason for this is due to the fact that social media platforms enforce strict security measures. If they detect any suspicious activity, there’s a high chance that one’s account may be banned. 

If you switch between your profiles through one IP address, you are risking yourself to be banned. To avoid such from happening, it is highly recommended that you use a LinkedIn proxy for each of your accounts.

LinkedIn Account Management Software

To achieve great marketing results, one should consider using LinkedIn account management software. Whether for job seeking, content marketing, networking, or recruiting, the use of these tools will make one’s job easier and more efficient. Here are some of the most preferred tools available today:

Hootsuite, Buffer, and Publer – are examples of social media marketing tool that lets you schedule your posts to your social media profile. They also let you track comments and likes and provide you with social media analytics.

LinkedIn Proxy

A quality LinkedIn proxy is required to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts in order to maintain the privacy account holders and members of LinkedIn. When someone manages multiple LinkedIn accounts, it is necessary to use separate chrome extensions with separate LinkedIn proxy VPN extensions. The activities on LinkedIn follow the algorithm system as an activity with one tool. While LinkedIn limits may cause an issue for those with a higher level of activity. Due to this, the LinkedIn proxy server needs to be of high quality in order for one to effectively manage multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Free LinkedIn Proxy and Paid-Quality LinkedIn Proxy

When anybody can easily have access to LinkedIn then it means that a free LinkedIn proxy is being used. However although free, the free LinkedIn proxies may put someone at risk of exposing their personal information which includes privacy, contacts, and even home address. In fact, a free LinkedIn proxy does not provide a good quality service. For better security and reliable connectivity, it is recommended that one will opt for paid-quality Linked proxies.

Different proxies are used to access LinkedIn whether it be a free Linked proxy or a paid LinkedIn proxy. Keep in mind that the quality of proxies matter. The higher you pay for a service, the better the quality you get for your LinkedIn proxy. Privacy and security are a big and crucial matter for job seekers, recruiters, and sales professionals seeking opportunities through LinkedIn. 

It is highly recommended to get LinkedIn premium proxies, however, others decide quickly – turn to free LinkedIn proxies and suffer the consequences later. Those who do not want to be banned or want to secure their account from the cyber theft, prefer the quality of proxies rather than think of the money they spend. LinkedIn can greatly help provide people with multiple job opportunities. LinkedIn proxy site provides direct access despite access limitations from different places around the world. 

Lastly, it is a professional platform that has traffic of more than 630 million registered professional members of all around the globe and that means a wide ocean of opportunities.