Proxies are used to keep our identity anonymous and secure while we are surfing the internet. It masks our IP address, and the location from the outside world, and provide us anonymous server to carry our operations.

Our special focus for today will be on cybersecurity and proxy in Vietnam. But, before we go into specifics, we have to understand the concept of proxies, and what all the different options we have before finalizing our proxy partner.

Why Use A Proxy?

Yes, proxies are also associated with hacking and malpractices on internet, but different people are doing a variety of things by using proxies, our focus for today is to highlight the positive and effective features associated with the usage of proxies.


  • Social media marketing is one of the most recent and popular industries, which is using proxies along with automation tools, to enhance the reach and effectiveness of such social media marketing campaigns, multi-folds.
  • Dedicated hardware provided by private proxy providers helps in delivering higher connectivity speed and low network latency. Through features like catching, it can also boost the speed of our daily routine internet activities.
  • Quicker reaction time to our customers can help them engage with us in better ways, check out our product portfolio fast, and pay us in seconds. This overall enhances the ease of doing business with us, which is always appreciated by the customers.
  • The anonymity not only keeps us safe from the frustration of censorship of content but also from keeping us securely hidden from the reach of hackers and other cybercriminals. A randomly changing array of proxies can make us look working from multiple locations.
  • IT infrastructure running on proxy networks is the future of the Digital. The added security on Cybersecurity governance portfolio with the use of proxies is going to make our digital transactions more safe and secure. 

There Are The Different Types Of Proxies

Free Proxies

Proxies are provided by establishing an infrastructure of servers, which not only require an initial investment but also constant operational expenses, in terms of maintenance and electricity. Hence, free proxies are run on advertisement revenue.

For serious business applications, free proxies are a big ‘No’. Free proxy infrastructure is run on shared and commercialized hardware, which means slower speed, risk of information leakage, risk of getting blacklisted, and irritation through advertisement pop-ups.

But, if we are just a beginner in Digital Marketing, and wants to try new things at a lower level, we can go for free proxies, to understand their benefits. Once, we have a prosperous plan, we can switch to dedicated proxies.

Shared Proxies

As the name suggests, shared proxies are used by many people. Even if they are paid proxies, the fact they have shared means, that even if the level of security is higher than the free one, but it will still be a slow proxy, as the hardware is shared.

Intelligence and government agencies keep a close look at the activities of some suspicious IP Addresses. Hence, on shared proxies, if someone other than us, did something bad, the whole IP can be blacklisted. Hence, shared proxies are not suitable for business applications.

First, they are not completely safe, and second, they are slow. Both of these shortcomings of shared proxies don’t go well functioning of successful businesses. Indeed, shared proxies are much slower and unsafe as compared to the dedicated ones, but they are better than the free ones.

Dedicated Proxies

 Dedicated proxies are the best in the business, and are apt for the business applications, from the perspective of speed and security. We get fully dedicated hardware for us.

This means better speed on the internet and a secure and anonymous footprint in the digital world. A random group of alternating proxies can add an extra layer of security for the infrastructure of businesses.

In this increasing age of the internet, it is a boon and a curse, and there is a continuous war of supremacy between hackers and cyber governance. By using dedicated proxies, we can make sure our businesses Is safer than before.

Pros And Cons Of Free, Shared, And Dedicated Proxies

Proxies, in general, are not at all bad things and can be used in plenty of fruitful and secure purposes, but there are limitations with the features of each type of them.

  • Security

The most important aspect of a digital business is security. We want our IT infrastructure to be completely safe under the camouflage of the proxy network. Even if we are starting our business and are not that important to hack right now. Well, we never know, prevention is always better than cure.

The dedicated hardware will be costly, of course, and has to be accepted as an operational expenditure, in return for security and speed. Don’t we all want this?

  • Speed

In today’s data intensive industry environment, speed of the network is very important, once the customer starts interacting with us, they expect swift actions. A slow website is always disliked, no matter how crucial and beautiful it is.

Hence, dedicated proxies are a must if we are planning for some serious business plans. We can also use catching and keep our most visited pages always ready to display, in a short period.

With shared hardware, the speed of the network declines. Hence, free and shared ones can be used for short scale activities.

  • Anonymity

Anonymity is needed by all of us. Hence, it is a wise decision to extend that anonymity to the extent of our impression on the digital world of IP addresses. Some people are looking for loopholes in certain sites, either for money or fun.

And, websites do have so many vulnerabilities to get into. Hence, an anonymous layer of proxies is very important.

If we want to look at something censored that too for a less amount of time or download something, we can use free proxies.

Vietnam Proxies

Vietnam has been in the news for a while now, for its latest cyber laws, who are perceived to be evading by many, but important by the government. To eradicate cybercriminals and enhance the ease of doing business in Vietnam for credible businesses, this law is very important.

The main aim behind the cyber laws of Vietnam is to create better defenses against the external threats of cyber-attacks, on the businesses and government agencies running their operations in their country.

Vietnam is one of the few south-eastern Asian countries, who are putting bold and forward steps to make sure that their digital infrastructure is running safely. Hence, Vietnam proxies can save us a lot more of a struggle and enhance our credibility. The laws who are perceived as an attack on the human rights of privacy, and more control over democracy, are undeniable products of the internet revolution. The Internet is getting bigger and the government needs more control over this to run a country effectively.

With seven chapters and forty-three articles, released on 1st of January, 2019, the latest Vietnam cyber law has emphasized on the localization of personal records of their country people. This means the personal data should be stored in the datacenters situated in Vietnam only. Which is a great challenge towards the current infrastructure of large businesses, operating across multiple countries.

The same story is going to happen across all the countries, the need for personal data security is very evident and crucial across the globe. And, the controls will get even more stringent in the future. Similarly, the proxy networks are soon going to be one of the delight features in the IT infrastructure. It is an unexplored way to provide better security to the cyberinfrastructure of businesses.

Usage Of Proxy In Vietnam

We can buy Vietnam proxy very easily and configure it as per our business requirements, to perform actions like:

Blocked Content

This is the most primitive use of proxies all across the world. Proxies are helpful in surfing and connecting to sites that the content is specifically meant for local consumption.

Open forums, literature, local websites serving local content such as local promotional offers, etc. are some of the areas who are often blocked by local IT administrators, due to several reasons, such a culture, laws, availability, applicability, and etc.

Data Localization

We can get Vietnam proxy and can keep our presence domestic, to stay away from the watchlist of the intelligence agencies. Data localization is a coming mandatory cyber law across the globe.

Everybody is concerned about the privacy of their data, and the data of their people. Hence, they want to keep the data centers localized.

Faster Reach to Market

By using a dedicated proxy for Vietnam, we can also boost the speed of our network. By using features like catching, our proxy server can save some of the most visited pages of our website, or even all of them. This results in faster page loading for our website and also dedicated hardware speed up the network efficiency multi-folds.

Let’s take an example of Search engines, whenever a user put a query on search engines, one of the parameters which rank the result is the proximity of the user from the closest solution provider. Hence, by being present in local Vietnam IP Addresses we can also showcase our business to our customer base in Vietnam. And, run exclusive advertisement campaigns keeping in mind the needs of the customer base in Vietnam.

We can launch our business campaigns in numerous geographies of the world, by using proxies and staying anonymous, secure, and swift.

Why Best Quality Vietnam Proxies From Reliable Proxy Service Providers Are Must?

The reliable and robust proxy network is a must for businesses who are running complex IT infrastructures. Even a second lost due to failure in can have huge business implications, who are negative most of the time. Hence, we want to stay connected to our customer base and our prospects 24*7. We want our customers to have the best experience on our website, through its speed and security features. Even a slight downtime of server can result in blocking millions of our customers from connecting to us. Hence, we can’t afford to run our business on any shared and sub-standard proxy service.

One more thing which makes the dedicated proxies so crucial is, that the shared proxies or free proxies are used by many notorious and careless people. And, under the current circumstances where cybersecurity is taken so seriously. A slight suspicion can result in blacklisting of the proxy, a sure death to our digital footprint.

We don’t want to push or market any particular proxy provider, rather we want to establish this fact in our reader’s mind, that proxies are extremely important. Not only to reach the dark places but also to do genuine work anonymously and swiftly.

Again, we would like to reiterate that, free or shared proxies are very dangerous for serious business campaigns, it is like sitting on a time bomb, which can explode anytime. And, all our hard work will vanish.


Summarizing everything, we want to stay that, the usage of proxies is not just limited to watching censored content, but it is also important for businesses across the globe.

Irrespective of the size of the business, everything is going digital, if we want to sell our products, we have to be there on the internet. But the internet is not only a place of adventure and fortune, but many other dangers are lurking around us. Not only the business but individuals, artists, and freelancers can also leverage the benefits of proxies and give their blogs or social media accounts a more robust and effective push.

Hence, it is a wise decision to have cyber structures running on proxies. Now, what type of proxy we want to use, totally depends on the application of it. Whether it just to surf content, or to download some blocked literature, or to provide professional services to clients through secure proxy networks.

The possibilities are endless.