Security forces of any country has the sole purpose of protecting their country against security threats. These members of these forces, however classified by their ranks. From the highest ranking to the lowest ranking officers, depending upon their capabilities and performance on the field. Best performing soldiers are easily recognized and promoted while others strive for better ranks. Ranging from Chief of Army Staff (COAS) to Captain and lower, ranking systems are implemented in these organizations all over the world. 

A similar ranking system is also followed over the internet, like In search engines like Google. Whenever we search for a query such as “who is the CEO of Google,” we would be displayed numerous pages where top ranked pages are displayed first and low ranked pages are pushed further which are seldom accessed. This is because Google automatically places websites that are visited by various users frequently, hence, putting them on the top. It is clear that whatever we like, would be on the top of our priority. In this case, we are not discriminating. We just want what’s best for our specific works. 

The Google Paradigm

Google provides users with what they want, and the users want websites they can trust and provides authentic data.

It is obvious that if you are ranked higher, you would enjoy certain privileges. The same is the case for your website. If it is ranked at the top, it would automatically be a money generating machine for you. In Google, with more clicks, you can make more money. If your website is on the top of Google searches and it contains the keywords the user entered, you would automatically generate money through clicks. 

The term “more clicks make more money” can be described as when people click on your website. They automatically become a viewer of your website. And the profit your website makes is usually on the basis of amount of users you have. The more users you have, the more income you generate through a website.

If your website is about selling certain products, being on top of the search results would mean higher chances of your products being sold more often. Website ranking on Google search can affect your sales. Over the years, Google has created a well trusted platform where the users would prioritize those on top of the search results. More often than not, people trust Google search results. This is apparent whenever one searches about a particular disease. 

Google Recommendations and Ranking

If Google tells them that it is fatal, they would actually believe it rather than consulting a doctor.

Moreover, if you have a good search engine ranking (SER), then not only your product sale would bloom, it would also mean that various other companies would pay you to allow them to advertise their products on your website. What this does is it enables you to generate more profit and increase the rating of your website, which automatically means that it would bring in more profit. Along with your own product sales, your website would also promote products from your advertisers. And with every sale from these advertising companies, you will get to have certain increment from their payment for putting ads on your website.

Furthermore, if you have a top SER ranking, it will boost user visits even more. This would be beneficial for you profit wise as you reach out to a wider user base.

Bounce Rates

When a user visits your website frequently, the website the user to the page he frequently visits – This creates a user-server friendly environment where the users trust your website with the information he requires. This is useful in attracting visitors, if your website is focuses on providing information. Creating a customer friendly communication would help you in the long run. One of the most important factors that affect business is customer satisfaction. 

It makes sense because if the users are not happy with your website, site visits would start going down causing your SER ranking to go down. This ultimately causes a decrement in your profit, in fact, increment in your loss. And if your views are down, eventually people would stop visiting your page.

SEO and Search Engine Ranking

This concept is very important for everyone in the web-development business. Hence, the SEO professionals are using various techniques to increase their SER ranking. SEO is basically an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which means how you improve content based on the trend currently in place on Google. The SEO professionals know the importance of SER ranking and how it will benefit them. And to take advantage of this glorious opportunity, SEO professionals have designed an automation software, that adds certain keywords to their webpages so that it may reside among the top websites and have a higher SER ranking and, eventually a better webpage outcome. 

SER ranking is hence compromised by using third party apps that help you increase your views through keyword implementation.

SeNuke – SEO Automation Software

Senuke is a software that serves a similar purpose. Senuke is an online software that enables users to edit their keyword entries thus providing keyword search optimization. Consider Google a high-school, you’re the new kid, a new website. And Senuke is one kid who knows everything. What Senuke does is it optimizes your webpage, improves the keyword entries. 

Through this, you can shine brighter in the high school. The basic methodology of this software is that it works to identify and improve the current key inputs you’ve put in the website and fix them according to the current trend of the websites or what keywords are searched by users in order to grant a higher SER ranking to the website.

The input and optimal use of keywords is more important than you think. The way Google works is that it displays top websites that have the specific keywords you typed. For example, you want a recipe for stuffed chicken. Google receives your request, processes the websites and returns the result based upon the keyword search. Such as “stuffed”, “chicken”, “recipe” and would display the webpage that has the most viewers, maximum visitors, has top ranking and views from the user. If you’re new to the game, you wouldn’t get many views in just a snap. 

Automated SEO using SeNuke

It would take time, a lot of time. What Senuke does is takes that time, gives it to you for recreational or useful purposes, and does the work that would take years in just days. Senuke server optimizes your website with keywords that are frequently searched, and displays it on the top.

Senuke makes use of its own private server. A virtual private server (VPS) can be defined as a server that has its own operating system and has its own admin access. Senuke vps allows users to have their own admin access to search engines providing a more secure surfing experience with a lot of benefits. One of the new features Senuke provides is that it has its own loop mode, where it would work in loop and change the website according to the changing conditions, hence working in a loop without requiring your supervision.

There was a time, when the Senuke servers were detected by the search engines like Google. Accounts are banned as a result. Senuke, then altered its algorithm according to the changing policies of search engines, providing a stronger and more secure user friendly interface to its customers to use for their own benefit.

Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Up to now, the software still works and Google is unable to crack it down. Google changed its algorithm to detect software that might interfere with the keyword optimization and change the algorithm, but somehow Senuke still managed to dodge these and still be in the show. Senuke has a crowd searcher section, one of the parts of the functioning body. The function of crowd searcher is to observe and analyze the current user trends, and optimize the user’s webpages accordingly.

One of the major problems with Google is the multiple requests resulting in captcha solving, which somewhat of a time consuming process. The Senuke software has a built in Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) that enables Senuke users to sit back and relax while the captcha is resolved. However, the efficiency of the OCR is still debatable as it does solve captchas but not all of them, in some cases you might have to switch from auto-pilot to manual drive.

Advantages of SeNuke

One of the major advantages of using Senuke, in social terms is like “getting more likes on instagram”. But what if your instagram account got banned due to malicious activities? What if Google were to trace your IP address and ban you forever? Your webpage would get blocked and all the profits you thought you’d make, or the PS4 you had thought of purchasing would all go down the drain. Hence, it is very important to hide your IP address from web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. 

SeNuke Proxies

That can be done by using SeNuke proxy servers. Senuke proxies enable users who are using proxies to hide their IP address, become a ghost. If the search engine were to trace your whereabouts through your IP address, it would not be able to get your information. Senuke proxies enable users to enjoy a risk free experience. And when you’re using certain unorthodox ways to increase your webpage’s response, search engines as powerful as Google will detect such unusual activities and will ban you from the internet. 

So, we should definitely avoid being traced. A good Senuke proxies would be able to provide the best anonymity on the tool, and it also allows the tool to function better, while increasing its efficiency.

Remember – it always pays to load compatible Senuke proxies into the software, as it helps the software to run better, at a higher efficiency, saving you time and cost in the process.


There are numerous advantages of using Senuke, if you’re new. You would want your website to be on the top, it would hop to the top. It is really obvious, if the top SER ranked websites are not challenged, they would remain to stay on the top. So, Senuke allows new users to be in the rich league of the internet world. Senuke provides its users with the luxuries and security for using these luxuries. 

If you want to bring your website into the top SER rankings, Senuke enables you to do so by using its keyword implementation technology. Senuke allows you to break the ranking system, it changes pushes your webpage into the upper ranks, hence in the internet world, every website has the potential to be in the top ranks if correct software is used.