Reddit is trending and gaining visibility, as a social news aggregation platform. It is an American company focussed on accumulating user-generated news, web content and discussions. Users submit content such as images, videos, text and post links, and are up or down voted by other users if they find it relevant.

What Is Reddit All About?

Reddit contains various ‘subreddits’, catering to a variety of genres, and the best part regarding it is the fact that the majority of the content is genuine and user-generated, which enhances the credibility of information shared.

Also, the up and down vote mechanism helps to filter out irrelevant or fake content. Hence, businesses need to tap into this new social media news aggregator and create a more authentic impression in the minds of the customers.

Reddit Upvotes

Reddit advertises itself as the face of the internet, this because the content which appears on the top of the subreddits, is upvoted by the genuine users, and if a post gets a nice number of upvotes, there is a high chance that it will be shown on the top of Reddit feed page.

Since the whole Reddit content is driven and endorsed by genuine users, this mechanism is prone to frauds and fake upvotes to market the content, and fake down votes to harm competitor marketing efforts. Hence, Reddit keeps a close check on the activities of the accounts, especially the IP Addresses they are operating from.

Reddit Social Media Presence

Reddit is making a strong hold on social media market especially in the US, which comprises of its 55% of the user base. Other majority user bases are coming from the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries.

As per recent data, Reddit is placed at number 13th in the world’s most visited sites, and on the 5th number in the US. Though other social media platforms are also doing good in these markets, Reddit is certainly rising and making its mark, due to heavy commercialization of other social media platforms.

From its start in 2005, Reddit has come a long way and is currently holds the valuation of $3 Billion, after its latest round of funding led by Tencent, in February 2019. 

More than 330 million Reddit users, who are called ‘Redditors’ engage on a bulletin board system. By uploading various content types, including text, photos, videos, links. The content is voted by other users who find that information relevant.

The name Reddit is a modified version of the phrase ‘read it’. It is a play-on-word, and stands for ‘I read it on Reddit.’ These new features add a new level of freshness to this social media platform and hence is the rise of Reddit is inevitable.

Marketing Potential of Reddit

All the content on the site is divided into various communities or subreddits, there are more than 138,000 communities who are active, and ranges across a plethora of categories, genres, and subjects.

Reddit expresses itself as a network of communities, members of each community posts whatever they want on them, and other members of the community rate the content up and down. Users can also comment on the post of others, and the most upvoted content will come on the top of communities.

Hence, the fight on Reddit is to get enough upvotes and fewer downvotes. Businesses try to upvote their content with different accounts and end up getting blocked, as Reddit traces the IP address of each account, and if the same post is boosted by different accounts from the same IP, it violates their policies, and hence result in cancellation or ban.

Even if we are not a member of Reddit we can scroll the general feeds on this site who are arranged based on the popularity of a certain community and the number of upvotes that particular post got from the other users.

When we are inside Reddit and subscribe to communities or subreddits, we can see the popular content of that particular community on our wall, and the content is completely unfiltered, though monitored.

The rank of the post on this social news aggregator is determined using a variety of factors, including the upvotes and downvotes of course, but also on the total vote count, duration of the submission, etc. A detailed algorithm to bring a post to the top of Reddit home page is still not well known, as this social media news aggregator platform is still growing. 

How To Get Started On Reddit?

After registering on Reddit, we can create our subreddit, on any topic we want. It could be about our brand or our personal beliefs. If others are interested, they will come and join your community.

On Reddit, the username begins with ‘u/’, it looks cool though. It looks like a smoking pipe. Anyways, we can include this with our username and create a backlink towards your community, while we are commenting on someone’s post.

The communities are managed voluntarily and through the Reddit team. They are very stringent on the content which is posted in their community, and hence they appoint moderators, who takes care of all this.

And, the content is modified by the Reddit team as well, as the second filter on sensitive content. Despite all this, people so share some cool and exciting stuff there. The unique quality about this social media news aggregator platform is that admins are paid by Reddit, to assist them to keep the place clean.


The name of subreddits or community starts with ‘r/’. We can name anything like ‘r/mybrand’ and customers can reach and be a part of your community, or we can request them to be a part of us.

Like, r/bike is a community related to two-wheeler bikes. ‘r/love’ is a community spreading messages of love. We can start any community of our own. And, can market it to our customers and connect to them with their wish.

Reddit wishes to give extra control to the moderators of the communities, as they work as an extended workforce for them. They want to enable the communities to grow and moderate in a way they want to. While keeping a high-level check on the whole content.

The alien mascot of Reddit, ‘Snoo’ is also the mascot of every subreddit, unless they decide to bring up something of their own.

Reddit Premium

Former Reddit Gold was changed to Reddit premium in 2018 and is a way to explore the site without any advertisements. Also, we can earn from Reddit premium, where if our content is appreciated by others, Reddit gifts certain coins to them.

We can have our personalized ‘Snoopavatar’, exclusive subreddits, and features like comment highlighting, by being a premium member of Reddit.

Combining marketing efforts on Reddit with a social media automation tool is a really cool idea, and is always prosperous. Let’s have a look at the few we find.


PVACreator is a nice social media automation tool, which can create multiple social media accounts, that too with verified emails, and we also do not have to worry about captcha. Though, it seems the captcha security feature is no more efficient and would be soon replaced by other techniques, such as photo identification.

Till then, we do not have to worry, and can focus on our business objectives by creating nice and engaging content and targeting the right customers. We can easily monitor the status of workflows and alter or modify it anytime.

Also, PVACreator allows its users to import proxies and enjoy the power of social media automation anonymously. We can expect features like:

  • Import custom data
  • Proxy support
  • Captcha Auto Solving
  • Phone and email auto verification
  • Anti-fingerprint technology 
  • Multi-threads support
  • Unlimited free updates 

Few proxies which support PVACreator are Storm proxies, Proxy for PVACreator, RSocks, DC Proxies, etc.

Following Like

Following Like can also be used with Reddit accounts, it helps in creating multiple accounts, we can create even thousands of social media accounts, and can easily manage the automation process, through this software 24*7.

This software is at par with the features of Reddit proxy support and other high-quality social media automation tools in the market. You can do just anything, and stay anonymous and safe by running operations on the random proxy network.

We can find three types of accounts, differentiated on the number of accounts we want, we can go for one account, five accounts, or unlimited accounts. All of them are directed to a different types of customers.

One account can be used by personal bloggers, five accounts are enough for Small businesses, and unlimited accounts suits better with the needs of large businesses. Following like also come in packages catered to particular social media platform such as Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Or we can opt for the unlimited one, which is open for all the social media platforms.

This social media automation tool is exclusively specialized in providing effective marketing on Reddit. We can create, delete, and manage accounts, alter proxy settings, upvote and downvote content from different accounts.

We can also use this tool to take out data from Reddit by scraping URLs. We can auto-comment on posts, and submit any type of content we want, starting from text, URL, images, videos, etc. We can also run user-targeted campaigns through this social media automation tool, supporting Reddit VPN and Reddit proxy sites. 

Growth Strategy for Reddit?

If we want to grow on Reddit, the first thing starts with our content creation. Reddit runs on user-created content and is also managed by users. The post on the Reddits goes viral only due to the users who upvoted the content.

Hence, good content can be inserted through various channels in Reddit using a social media automation tool. And, through various features of these automation tools, we can upvote our content through multiple accounts, by staying anonymous and safe.

Reddit Proxy

While we are deciding between using Reddit VPN or Reddit proxy we have to understand the difference between the two propositions. VPN runs on a single proxy, and we can very well secure our original proxy, but if the same content is upvoted by different accounts from the same proxy, even if it’s an intermediate VPN proxy, it will be blocked.

Hence, using Reddit proxy sites, we can use the rotation method to continuously alter our proxies across different countries, every time we do something good. The only difference will be that we will get an edge over our competitors by reaching a large number of people and channelling them back to our websites.

We can experience the power social media automation tools and witness the Reddit getting unblocked, generating prospects and customers to us.

The community-driven environment of this social media news aggregator is a fresh way of having a social media engagement. The power is in the hands of the users, who choose their communities, manage them, monitor them, moderate them, and make sure that their community of subreddit is doing its intended influence or work.

As of now, the influence of Reddit is limited to the western hemisphere, but with its increasing popularity and a fresh concept, it is reaching many users across the globe, who likes the authenticity of information on Reddit.

Though this social media news aggregator is running for a long time, due to the latest extra commercialization of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Users are more attracted to more authentic, raw, and genuine content.


The complete power of Reddit can be unblocked only by using suitable social media automation tools, to increase our reach and engagement rate with our target customers. And, by running our Reddit marketing campaign, we have to make sure that we are using proxies to stay safe from hackers and anonymous to avoid suspension.

A well-curated content and strategy on Reddit can help us create very deep bonds with our target customers since they want authentic content, knowledgeable content, humor and not flashy advertisements appearing on their screens.

Reddit can be a perfect platform to provide them the same and build a lifetime connection.