Have you ever wondered how you can access sites that are restricted in your region such with just a few clicks? Sounds tricky but it really isn’t. Sites such as Twitch and various other websites are restricted in some countries for different reasons. However, the advancement of technology has made it possible to go through sites that do not provide easy access, or have bypass for paid users only. It seems like it is a difficult task, but honestly it is much easier than it seems complex. 

There are many remedies available today that literally anything is possible. From the smallest and simplest of tasks to large scale complex tasks, the internet has really made an innovation in today’s technology.

Proxy Server Changes the Twitch Game

This task can be accomplished with the help of a proxy server. A proxy server can be simply defined as a gateway. For example, if you want to go into a room, where there are thousands of books and other astonishing content available, but the door is locked. Let’s assume that the people who own the room have specified that only certain people may have access to it. What does a proxy server have to do in this situation? 

It opens the door for you, providing you access to things that were not available to you. It is basically a gateway between you and the internet. By providing an alternative route, the internet data and the internet traffic flows through the alternative path. What proxy does is it provides a unique gateway for users to access web rather than just a specific web content. 

One of the major advantages of using proxy is making you invisible over the internet. Everyone is concerned about their privacy, whether it’s on Facebook or any website, so that no other party may interfere. One of the chief functions of proxy is that it hides your IP address, and masks it with an alternate IP address that allows you to surf the internet. In a way, your identity is masked. This enables you to surf websites without risking your location to be exposed. 

Secure Surfing

By being anonymous, those with malicious intents over the internet are confined as it is impossible for them to access your IP. If you are using a proxy server, your surfing is secured.

Proxy servers provide secure internet surfing by filtering out websites that might harm your computer. The internet is filled with a lot of very strong and detrimental viruses. Some viruses might even access sensitive information on your computer. Information such as your actual location, up to street accuracy. Proxy servers on the other hand, prevents from putting you in a risky situation. 

If you are ill-advised to open a website that may contain the above explained harmful virus, a proxy server helps you mask your sensitive information and prevents your computer from being compromised. Hence, escaping from the grasps of malicious destructive software.

It has also proven to decrease loading time, hence providing fast surfing. When a website that you want to access is already loaded into the local cache of the proxy server, it helps in reducing loading time. A cache can be defined as the server or a website’s temporary storage bulk. It is loaded by the user by accessing websites that are frequently visited.

Proxy servers are useful in protecting your privacy and acts as your firewall. In simple terms, you are hiding your actual identity, providing yourself with a masked identity that allows you to surf through the internet without the fear of your IP being traced. Hence, accessing sites with a different identity is much easier.

Unblock Content

Proxy servers come in handy wherever there are blocked websites by your internet service provider (ISP) or if access to a certain website is restricted in your country or region. For example, if websites are blocked in a certain country due to violation of certain laws, one would use a proxy server for them to be able to access that particular site.

When it comes to proxy services, there are several types available:

Free Proxy Servers

Free Proxy Servers can be explained as a service that is free of cost. It helps hide your IP address therefore making you anonymous. But it varies in speed. We often have a concept in the back of our mind that whatever that is provided to you for free, it comes with deficiencies. The same can be said in the case of free proxy servers. 

It does the job in making you somehow invisible, but it does not last for long and it is extremely slow in speed.

Shared Proxy Servers

Shared Proxy Servers, as you can tell from the name, are services that are shared by multiple users. It has better speed than free proxies. Consider these type service as Violet from The Incredibles. She can hide her entire family and it is the same case for shared proxies. A shared proxy is an IP address that can be used by more than one user at the same time.

In a shared proxy, there is a type known as semi-dedicated proxy that provides a specific number of users that can access the proxy service at a single time.

However, where there are pros, there are cons. The shared proxy seems like a viable option for safe imperceptible surfing on the internet, but there are some limitations to it. If certain persons among multiple users access a website and for some reason gets banned, everyone is affected. Moreover, when more people access the shared IP address, speed performance worsens as compared to when the service is used solely by one individual. Which is understandable, speed would be much slower if resources are shared by a lot.

Some websites require captcha, which is a sort of verification that authenticates if the user is a bot trying to access website for a scam, or an actual user. Captchas are triggered whenever multiple requests are sent to the same server multiple times. The website detects such actions as suspicious therefore displays captcha for verification.

Private Proxy Servers

Private Proxy Servers are preferred by users because of the top end services they provide. It is the VIP service of proxies. Private Proxy Servers are accessed by only one user, providing all the facilities to a single user.

The advantage of private proxies is that they are faster and secured. Moreover, privacy delivered through private proxies is highly anonymous and very hard to detect or break into.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming website used for streaming live content all around the world. It is basically designed for gamers to upload their content and provide live streaming of gameplays while chatting side by side. Twitch is fundamentally used by gamers and for gamers. It allows gamers from all around the world to broadcast live games being played, as well as the ability to communicate with the users, in case you want to know how they play a certain game so outstandingly.

Twitch is frequently used to host gaming tournaments and streaming them, including various other streams available. In Twitch, millions of users from all over the world participate, and are rewarded with gifts and prizes of different sorts. Twitch is also used to stream live concerts music festivals occurring all over the world, providing a music experience at home.

Using a Proxy Twitch for Access

Proxies, if used over Twitch can have numerous advantages. When you create an account on Twitch, and want to have a large number of hits fast, it can be done with the use of proxy servers. Users want more ratings and more publicity. And by using proxy servers, you could give your profile a thumbs up through a different profile via different proxy server providing a different IP address. Twitch account enables 10 ratings per user, and that can be tweaked by making multiple accounts or accessing account through multiple regions. 

This enables you to increase the rating of your profile over a short period of time.

Twitch proxies allow proxy servers to send user’s request as a masked IP from another country, that enables access to Twitch via some other country.

By using proxies, you can create multiple profiles. Furthermore, many proxy services specifically for Twitch have been developed for these specific purposes. Using proxies enable you to manage multiple profiles at the same time.

Advantages of Using a Twitch Proxy

One other advantage of using a proxy server is that it allows you to access to content that is specified for a particular. For example, if you’re situated in a certain region where Twitch is not reachable, as Twitch has certain policies that disables it’s use in certain regions, proxies enable you to access Twitch. This is immensely helpful for users in various countries for example in Pakistan, where Twitch content is not reachable without using a Twitch supporting proxy. Furthermore, Twitch proxies provide 15+ countries IP addresses, offering you with a broad selection of countries through which you can access Twitch content. By using a proxy server, your account is accessed through a masked IP address, from a different country, hence, enabling you to access Twitch content from your country with secure and safe browsing.

Twitch Gaming Through Proxies

Restricted game contents can also be accessed using Twitch proxies. Whenever a game is unavailable in your region or country or if your region is not on their list during release, game contents and gameplay is available for users to access through Twitch. Numerous games all over the world are not released in certain regions and countries, but their content is easily available on Twitch including its live streams. These contents can be accessed using proxies.

Twitch provides gaming diversity. It enables thousands of gaming content to be accessible through proxies. Having a huge fanbase, Twitch helps providing users a diverse selection of game content and live streams. Numerous users upload their gaming experience that helps users save money and time on games, however bogus that sounds. Live streaming also enables users to interact with each other. 

Providing a social platform where people can meet and interact with one another. Hence, providing a versatile exposure for users to interact and spend quality time online. Live streaming also enables users to interact with gamers and people that may help them gain exposure and of course, have fun.


The proxy Twitch features can either be accessed free of cost, but that would be an unreliable path to go down to. On the contrary, if you are to use a paid private proxy, the Twitch features and content can be accessed much more effortlessly, with more security and for a longer period of time. Hence, the Twitch proxy providers and Twitch proxy sites enable users from any part of a country to access the country specific content of Twitch as well as increasing their profile ratings and much more. So, if you were thinking that proxies are not safe, think again. And especially if you want to access content that is not accessible by you because of your internet providing authorities, proxy is the solution.